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SIA EcoDesign Ready Stoves

We have been working hard to ensure that our stoves are SIA EcoDesign Ready as quickly as possible. The majority of our stoves are already tested and the few remaining models which are not, we will be tested during 2019 to ensure that they are included on the list. This means that you are future proofed and buying the cleanest stoves possible. SIA EcoDesign Ready models are up to 90% cleaner than an open fire and significantly cleaner than older woodstoves. As stoves become more efficient, it is important to remember that you must make sure you burn the correct fuel on your stove. We all have a responsibility in safe guarding the environment for future generations as well as our own and therefore we need to only burn logs with less than 20% moisture content on our stoves. Burning wood with a higher moisture content will mean higher emissions from your stove which defeats the object of buying a cleaner stove. We recommend purchasing logs which are labelled with the Ready to Burn logo which guarantees that they contain less than 20% moisture and are ideal to burn on stoves. The more efficient the stove is, the more important it is that the moisture content of the wood is correct and the flue draft is correct – stoves are a totally different beast to those of 30 years ago so if you are replacing an older woodstove with a new SIA EcoDesign Approved model don’t be surprised if the new stove works in a very different manner to the old one. By replacing your older model, it is a step in the right direction towards a cleaner future.