All our stoves are covered by a 1 year castings warranty. We are pleased to advise that when purchased through a recognised stockist as listed on our website, the warranty on the exterior castings is extended to 10 years for ACR woodstoves, 5 years for our ACR Woodpecker stoves, 3 years for an ACR Gas stove and 2 years for an ACR Electric stove.

Warranty information

If the appliance is purchased from a supplier not verified by ACR, the product is only covered by the standard 1 year warranty. This includes appliances sold through a 2nd party. If the supply is not made directly from the recognised stockist immediately to the end user, the warranty is 1 year on the appliance.

The warranty covers the stove body / castings only and does not include consumable items such as grates, firebricks, vermiculite panels, baffles, log guards, door rope, ashpans, LED bulbs, batteries and glass.

The warranty will only cover working / consumable parts if the buyer can prove that the damage was present upon receipt of the stove.

The stove will need to be maintained and operated as per the instruction manual. The warranty will become invalid if the stove is not maintained. The stove will not be covered by warranty if it has not been installed correctly, the wrong fuel has been used on the stove e.g unseasoned wood, treated wood or solid fuel with a higher pet coke content than 20% (please ask ACR for their recommendations if in any doubt), non-genuine ACR spare parts have been fitted to the appliance, if modifications have been made to the stove, if the stove has been over-fired, if the stove has been damaged by fire (e.g chimney fire), corrosion or if the serial number / data plate has been removed from the stove.

The warranty commences from the date that the stove was purchased – please ensure you retain your receipt or invoice as proof of purchase. This is based on the stove having not been in stock with the authorised dealer for longer than 1 year. If the stove has been in stock for over 12 months, the warranty will be reduced by the number of years since the stove was purchased i.e stove in stock for 1 year, warranty is now 9 years.

The warranty does not apply to appliances which have been purchased as ex working displays.

The warranty does not cover the installation or the flue system the stove is attached to.

The flue must be swept at least once a year and the stove must be serviced & maintained annually by a suitably qualified engineer such as HETAS or another competent scheme as a condition of the warranty and receipts for each annual sweep and annual service must be able to be provided as evidence.

The warranty does not cover faults or damage caused by atmospheric or local conditions such as salt air, excessive flue draught, down draught etc. It does not cover damage or defects caused by incorrect storage of the appliance e.g being stored in a damp, unheated environment. The warranty does not cover consequential losses relating to products not supplied by ACR including losses relating to decor, soft furnishings, furniture etc.

Stove paint finishes may require re-painting periodically which is considered part of the maintenance of your stove and therefore the paint finish is not covered by the warranty. It is important that the paint work is kept in good condition as failure to do this could lead to corrosion. Enamelled components are not covered where these parts have been overfired which would lead to chipping, bubbling, cracking or crazing of the enamel.

The warranty does not cover any removal costs or re-installation costs. In the event of a warranty claim. ACR will despatch the required replacement parts necessary. ACR reserve the right to either replace the goods or refund the purchase price of the goods. Our total liability, except where there is a prohibited limitation by statute, extends to the purchase price of the goods only.

Where house visits are made for warranty issues, if the engineer is not able to gain access at the time of the appointment or if the engineer is unable to enter the property for health & safety reasons, a cost of a minimum of £60 + vat will be charged to cover travelling costs.

The warranty is not transferable. It relates to the original installation only and to the original purchaser. Please retain your dated sales receipt as proof of purchase. Your statutory rights are not effected by this warranty.


Any warranty claims should be addressed to your original supplier and accompanied with your proof of purchase, a photograph of the issue, copy of your HETAS / GasSafe certificate and serial number of the appliance. If the appliance is over 12 months old, copies of your receipts for servicing and chimney sweeping must also be provided.