Pizza Oven

Bravo Pizza Oven

Indulge in the taste of Italy with the ACR Bravo Pizza Oven. Carefully designed in Italy and crafted using the finest materials, this log fired pizza oven can cook the most authentic and delicious pizza in just minutes. With its premium insulation and chamotte oven base, you can achieve the perfect crispiness every time. In just 30 minutes, the ACR Bravo Pizza Oven can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees, ensuring that your pizzas are cooked to perfection.

Not only does this oven offer an exceptional pizza experience, but it can also be used for roastingslow cooking, and a variety of other mouth-watering dishes. The steel outer body and stainless steel interior, combined with insulation, help to retain heat, giving you even greater cooking control.

Authentic crispy pizza every time!


Spec Value
Height 872mm
Width 530mm
Depth 624mm
Heat Up Time 20 minutes
Working Temperature 250°C
Weight 27kg

2 Year Warranty

This 2 year warranty covers all stove castings, it does not include consumable items such as glass and door seals. This full warranty is only honoured when the stove is purchased from one of our recommended retailers. If a stove from any of our brands is purchased from a non recommended dealer only a 12 month warranty will be honoured. Full details on this policy can be found in our warranty section of the website and full warranty details can be provided by our recommended dealers


Spare Parts

To place an order for spare parts, please visit the relevant stove model’s page and scroll down to the spare parts section.  Click on the image of the part you need, pop it into your basket, confirm and pay for your order. 

You can then relax with a cuppa whilst we process your order, pick the parts and despatch it to you via courier as soon as we can.  Simple as that!  Please note, we are unable to sell stoves directly from our site – our dealers are far better at doing that on our behalf (and our parcel couriers would break their back trying to deliver a hefty stove.) 

To purchase a stove, please visit the “find a dealer” page, pop your postcode in and give the friendly stove people a call to discuss your requirements.  They will be happy to help.