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Higher electricity costs make buying a woodburner an even better option

With today’s announcement from SSE that they will be increasing their energy prices by a massive 8.2% from 15th November, which means that the rest of the big energy providers will now follow suit very quickly, the following statistics may prove to be an interesting read.

Did you know that running a woodstove is 76% cheaper than an electric fire? It is also 43% cheaper than an oil fire and 25% cheaper than a gas fire. These figures are based on todays prices and not with the 8.2% increase so the figures will only improve for the woodburning costs.

If you already own a woodburning stove then now is the time to make the most out of it – make sure you have thermostats fitted to your radiators to only heat rooms when and where required rather than wasting the heat.

If you havent bought your stove yet, look at the savings you could make very quickly!