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Helping your bank balance this winter…

Did you realise that the average household last year spent over £1200 on their energy bills last year? This has more than doubled since 2005. You may remember thinking twice last winter before turning the thermostat up or hitting the over-ride button on your central heating system. Our gas bills are only going to get worse over the next few years with some industry experts estimating bills reaching around £5000 per year within the next 10 years.

Now is the time to start reviewing your home’s heating system and seeing where you can make savings.
If you have an open fire at present, this is only around 15% efficiency meaning that 85% of the heat from the fuel being burned it being wasted up the chimney and you are, at that point, literally watching your money go up in smoke. By replacing an open fire with a woodburning stove with an efficiency of 75%, you will ensure than only 25% of your heat is going up the chimney and therefore you are saving money by using your fuel more cost effectively.

Not only will you have a more efficient fire which can only benefit the environment as there is less waste, you will find your expenditure on fuel is reduced thus giving your bank account alot less stress and perhaps even allowing you to have a few more treats in life.