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Fears over gas supplies

Having just completed our fourth week of the big chill, the press have once again highlighted whether the UK will have sufficient gas supplies to keep us going throughout the exceptionally cold weather. At one point, the press advised us that there were only 8 days of gas supply left. Very quickly the government advised that this was not the case but the following day, the gas suppliers restricted the gas supply to some of Britains largest manufacturers in an effort to conserve gas. Whether or not, we were close to running out of gas or not we will never know however, the same worries were had last year and the year before that when the Russians blockaded the gas supply pipes. We are told that we do not have a never-ending supply of gas and that within just a few years time, our own gas supply will have dwindled and we will be more and more reliant on importing our gas. This is why being able to heat your home with a variety of fuel types is becoming more and more important to consumers. If you can suplement your gas central heating with a woodburning stove, you have the knowledge that even if we were to get to the point when gas was rationed to ensure that we could stretch our supplies, you will always be able to put another log on the fire to keep warm and cosy. It is always good to have the choice.