The latest from ACR Heat Products

Beat the fuel price hikes!

Here at ACR we have noticed a large increase on woodburning and multifuel stoves even during these summer months when we are usually quieter. Our dealers are reporting an increase in footfall in their showrooms particularly from individuals that haven’t had a stove before but have decided to purchase an appliance for cost saving reasons, environmental benefits (wood burning stoves) and to add a cosy touch to their home.

For those living in rural areas a woodburner is an ideal choice due to a supply of wood locally through fallen trees and rural tree felling/forestry management businesses. For those living in urban areas a multifuel stove is an ideal choice, the costs will still be lower than using gas and electricity all winter.

For some inspiration take a look at our range of stoves from Franco Belge, Nordpeis and Wanders. For your local dealership click on ‘find your dealer’ to have a look at your perfect stove in the flesh.