All our stoves are covered by a 1 year castings warranty. We are pleased to advise that when purchased through a recognised stockist as listed on our website, the warranty on the castings is extended to 10 years for an ACR stove and 3 years for a Vermont Castings stove.

Purchased from a supplier

If the appliance is purchased from a supplier not verified by ACR, the product is only covered by the standard 1 year warranty.

The warranty covers the stove body castings only and does not include consumable items such as grates, firebricks, vermiculite panels, baffles, log guards, door rope and glass.

The warranty will only cover working / consumable parts if the buyer can prove that the damage was present upon receipt of the stove.

The stove will need to be maintained and operated as per the instruction manual. The warranty will become invalid if the stove is not maintained. The stove will not be covered by warranty if it has not been installed correctly, the wrong fuel has been used on the stove e.g unseasoned wood or solid fuel with a higher pet coke content than 20%, non-ACR spare parts have been fitted to the appliance, if modifications have been made to the stove, if the stove has been damaged by fire (e.g chimney fire), corrosion or if the serial number has been removed from the stove.


Any warranty claims should be addressed to your original supplier and accompanied with your proof of purchase, a photograph of the issue, copy of your HETAS certificate and serial number of the appliance.